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New Honda CR-V Review and Performance

May 16th, 2011 0 Comments

New Honda CR-V Review

Honda CR-V does everything right, the engine stirred 2.4 dual camshaft, which uses a high compression 10,5:1, larger intake valves and exhaust system flow to bring the highest power to 182 hp was rated as the epitome of the thrusters 16 valve that comparison. Turns up and produces good power at all speeds, making the CR-V look like the fastest of the group while it is not.

Perhaps the leadership, praised for the weight organic Honda has made “a delight in attacking the hills in Wrightwood, has played an important role in making the CR-V look deceptively fast. CR-V proved smooth, well behaved and responsive, whether on asphalt or on land.

Interior Features of CR-V

Inside rich and well-executed cabin, which comes complete with GPS, camera aft, Bluetooth, satellite radio, heated leather seats and dual zone climate control, the talent show Honda remains. Elegance and amazing price of Honda CR-V. The best of all internal materials, the quality of leather to plastics, the Honda is well above the rest. Great package with plenty of space inside, a spacious rear seat and recliner, more cargo space and useful storage compartments in the center console and dashboard.

Of course, there were some details that do not worship. The five-speed automatic transmission, for example, has a manual mode and executes the trade with a bit of roughness. Some found the brakes a little sensitive, style more or less and six CDs of old-fashioned magazine.

In a category of its own quality, interior materials and details carefully crafted – it gives the impression of a premium product. This is not just a rational decision when looking for a crossover, it also attends to emotion. The two sides of the brain would be happy with the Honda CR-V.

Honda CR-V High Tech Safety Features