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Fiat Siena 1.6 16V Essence In Bloom

June 24th, 2011 0 Comments

Fiat Siena 1.6 16V Essence Review

After more than twelve years in the market, the Fiat Siena gets a mechanical assembly to remove the hat. Admittedly, the sedan Fiat has always been an honest car, but no thrill. It held four plastic came to be labeled a lame duck and now receives an important boost at a later stage of its life cycle. With the new engine 1.6 16V E. torque of 117 horses, made from the Tritec used in the Mini Cooper in the early, small sedan gains strength in the fight with the various competitors.

It was a gift and that both the sedan, which underwent a series of changes in staff engineering FPT (Fiat Power Train). Adopted new pistons, redefine several pieces, including the crankshaft and valve seats. But retained interesting solutions for achieving a more compact (after all, the cashier of the Mini’s engine is a bit tight), as the power steering pump mounted along with the water, but with possibility to be traded independently. The only problem is it takes up little space was the case with the oil filter, installed near the fire wall, which requires access it by going to the wheel box for exchange.

Fiat Siena 1.6 16V Essence Power and Gas Consume

Because of the smaller cylinder 16 and having eight valves in place of the old 1.8 engine, there was a loss for torque at lower engine speeds, which can be seen in the output curve. Are 16.8 Nm at 4,500 rpm compared to 18.5 to 2800 rpm, but on balance the new 1.6 comes out better, even when it comes to consumption. Ethanol, Fiat Siena 1.6 says that Essence is 8.4 km / l in city and 10.9 km / h on the highway, numbers that could be even better if it adopted a compression ratio slightly higher than the 10,5:1. Anyway, without doubt, the new engine runs much better than the 1.8, which will be only in line Fiat Stilo. With the new engine, the sedan reaches 191 km / h accelerates 0-100 km / h in 9.5 seconds, yet according to the manufacturer.

Moreover, the car remains the same as always. The suspension that favors comfort makes the body too lean in curves and requires some caution. The armrest of the door a little lower than the ideal comes to tire on longer trips and, in versions equipped with ABS, the vibration in the pedal can scare the most unsuspecting. In contrast, the trunk of 500 liters remains one of the segment and list of available equipment is quite comprehensive and can include up electrochromic rearview mirror, something rare in models of category. At the end of the test was a feeling that, in fact, over the years has done well to Fiat Siena.